Alexa, open the bar.

Client: Diageo
Year: 2018
Role: Design, UI, Art direction

The Bar is an Alexa skill designed to help a new generation of cocktail lovers to work on their cocktail skills. Alexa helps you to find cocktails, teaches you how to make them and lets you order ingredients, tools and cocktail kit.

We collaborated with award-winning mixologist Rob Poulter to create a database of cocktail recipes with custom content. Like a real bartender, the skill takes you through a set of questions to advice the perfect cocktail for you.

Concept sketches

Art direction: Daniel Sytsma, Scott Kooken
Design: Jack McAuliffe, Christian Mezofi
Photography: Erik de Koning

Jack McAuliffe

︎︎︎Art Direction

︎︎︎Digital Design

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